1. Thangam family health mix flour

                   Thangam family health mix is a complete nutritional health supplement for all age groups  (for babies from 1 year).It is purely natural and balances the nutritional requirements of the body. It helps to manage blood sugar levels and healthy functioning of brain. 100% natural. No added preservatives, sugar, additives, colours, flavours.

                        Home made sathu maavu with 28 vital ingredients which includes Ragi, Kambu, Varagu, Thinai, Samai, Sorghum, Kuthiraivali, Maize, Thattapayaru, Green gram, Black gram, Horse gram, Bengal gram(White and brown), Samba Wheat, Soyabean, Rajma, Mochai, Samba rice, Moongil rice, Pea, Sago, Peanut, Badam, Pista, Cashew, Dry ginger and Cardamom.


                    Thangam family health mix flour is rich in whole grains to gain body immunity power, reduce the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, obesity and some form of cancer. Also eliminates constipation and excess gas.

Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts (per 100g Approx)
372 Kcal
71.2 gm
12.5 gm
Dietary Fibre
8.6 gm
4.1 gm
3.2 gm
485 mg

Direction of use

                   Take 1 table spoon of Thangam health mix flour with 200 ml of water or milk. Heat to make porridge and serve hot with jaggery or palm candy or sugar or with butter milk and salk as you like.

                   One table spoon of health mix is sufficient for one time diet.

2. Adhithi Moringa Nutri Power Tea

Tiny leaf – Huge Power

Control blood pressure, cholesterol and sugar, immunity booster, antioxidant, improve vision, anti-fungal, anti-tumour, anti – ulcer, nutrition for pregnant women, improve digestion, eliminate constipation, stimulate hair growth and enhance skin health.

Ingredients: Moringa leaf, Curry leaf, Mint, Ashwagandha, Athimathuram , Clove and Cardamom 

100% Pure and Natural


Nutritional Facts

Nutritional Facts (per 100g Approx)
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B-12
Total Amino acids
1.2 µg
moringa nutri poser image.JPG

Direction of use

Boil a Nutri bag with a cup of water for 5 minutes. If you prefer sweeten with sugar or honey or salt.

3. Adhithi Avarampoo Powder Tea                                  (Senna auriculata)

                       Natural remedy for diabetes, regulate blood sugar level and gives glow to the skin

100% Pure and Natural


Direction of use

Boil an Avaram poo powder bag with 200ml water for 5-10 minutes and serve it.

Avarampoo powder image.JPG